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Congratulations on your new job, Abdullah. One question, although it's very early days: do you have any mixed feelings about the fact that there isn't an economics program at Haile?

You know, I am a 'de facto' director of the economics courses at my uni, but we don't have a major in our discipline (nor a masters program either). Though I definitely do not see it this way, I feel many students (of management, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc) see economics as a peripheral subject, not the centre of their attention and not up there in their list of interests. And I can't but think that it'd be different if I were teaching economics to students majoring in economics. I wouldn't need to "sell" them economics and in some sense that's what I do: try to let them discover how big the opportunity costs of their choice of major are :)

Do you share the feeling?

All the very best and keep it on!


Prof Jose Iparraguirre

Full Professor of Economics

German International University of Applied Sciences in Cairo, Egypt

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Hi Jose! Thanks for reading and for your comment.

We do have an undergraduate major in economics. https://www.nku.edu/academics/cob/programs/undergraduate/economics.html

We do not have a graduate program in economics. Sometimes I wish we did but I am not sure the market can handle so many econ graduate programs in our region.

As far as the concern of having to “sell” students on economics, I think that happened at every school. Somehow, we have developed a reputation for being irrelevant or complicated for no good reason. While, I expect both of us, believe that a good understanding of economics is necessary for success in all fields and occupations.

We need to continue to educate about the importance of economics. Wishing you the best.

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