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Sadie Collective with Princess Nworah

Sadie Collective with Princess Nworah

In this special Women's History Month episode of "Economics with Dr. A," hosted by Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani, we dig into the remarkable legacy of Sadie Alexander, the first Black woman to earn a PhD in economics. Featuring insights from Princess Nworah's recent experience at the Sadie Collective conference, we explore the profound impact Sadie Alexander and the Collective have had on young economists today.

Host: Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani

Guests: Princess Nworah, with contributions from Fawwaaz and Antowan

Episode Highlights:

1. Introduction to Women's History Month Series

Dr. Al Bahrani introduces the focus on “women who inspire us” series, starting with Sadie Alexander.

2. Sadie Alexander's Legacy

Discussion on Sadie Alexander's pioneering achievements and lasting influence in economics.

3. The Sadie Collective

Background on the Sadie Collective, founded by Anna Gifty and Fanta Traore, and its role in mentoring and inspiring young economists. A previous interview with Fanta Traore is mentioned, linking to the Econ Games speaker series.

4. Princess Nworah's Experience

Princess shares her transformative experience at the Sadie Collective conference, her journey from Nigeria to studying economics in the US, and the shift in her academic focus towards math and statistics inspired by the conference.

5. Mentoring and Aspirations

Discussion on the importance of mentoring, community, and role models in economics. Princess outlines her aspirations and plans to bring more students to the next Sadie Collective conference.

6. Career Fair and Networking Opportunities

Insights into the career fair at the Sadie Collective conference, highlighting the tailored opportunities for students in economics, data science, and policy research.

7. Key Takeaways and Inspirations

Princess and Dr. Al Bahrani discuss key learnings from the conference, including the importance of self-care, ambition, and community support in pursuing economic studies and research.

8. Looking Ahead: Goals and Research Interests

Princess expresses her interest in exploring feminism and economics, inspired by the conference to pursue a PhD and conduct research that addresses critical questions about economic improvement and gender disparities.

9. Acknowledgments and Thanks

Special thanks to the Sadie Collective, Anna Gifty, and Fanta Traore for their mentorship and impact on students like Princess and Aro. Dr. Al Bahrani reflects on the role of mentorship in his students' lives and the importance of the Sadie Collective in providing a platform for young economists.

Resources and Links:

- Link to the interview with Fanta Traore as part of the Econ Games speaker series. 

- Sadie Collective website and information on how to get involved or attend future conferences 

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