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Changing Your Major in College with James Blazina

Changing Your Major in College with James Blazina


Navigating college can be hard. The pandemic had a major impact on student success. Today, I talk to James Blazina, Haile Fellow, about his experience and how it impacted his academic success. 

Segment 1: Shout Out to a Influential Professor

- Dr. A gives a shout-out to a professor who played a crucial role in shaping his academic journey.

Segment 2: Interview with James Blazina - Breaking the Ice and Bulldozing Awkwardness

- Dr. A talks to James about his unique ability to break the ice and overcome awkwardness, sharing his experiences from working at UPS.

Segment 3: Creating a Community Vibe in Academia

- James shares insights into creating a sense of belonging for students and fostering a community vibe, especially in his role as a TA for the Principles of Macro class.

Segment 4: Switching Majors - Personal Stories and Challenges

- James discusses his journey of switching majors, initially pursuing environmental science and later transitioning to marketing. He shares the challenges and decision-making process behind this switch.

Segment 5: Joining the Haile Fellow Program*

- James talks about his experience in the Haile Fellow program, his first project, and how it helped him develop valuable skills like public speaking, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Segment 6: Overcoming GPA Challenges in Job Search

- Dr. A and James discuss the impact of GPA on job opportunities and the challenges faced by individuals with non-traditional academic paths. They emphasize the importance of looking beyond GPA to recognize diverse experiences and skills.

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Economics with Dr. A
Econ with Dr. A
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