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The "Why" Behind Econ with Dr. A and The Future

The "Why" Behind Econ with Dr. A and The Future

Host: Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Economics at the Haile College of Business.

Introduction: In this episode, Dr. Abdullah revisits the origins of the "Economics with Dr. A" channel, celebrating the growth of the community, the impact of social media on content creation, and the future direction of the platform. Joined by team members Grace McConn, Fawaaz Abdulaziz, and Antowan Batts, the episode dives into personal insights, the transformative power of educational content, and the community's role in shaping the future of economics education.

Key Highlights:

1. Origins of Econ with Dr. A: Dr. Abdullah shares the story of starting the channel during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to the challenges of online education and the negative perception of digital learning. His journey into content creation was fueled by the desire to engage students on platforms where they already spent their time, like YouTube and TikTok.

2. Team Contributions: The episode underscores the vital contributions of team members Grace, Fawaz, Antoine, Fred Small, and Keisha Francisco. Their involvement has been instrumental in identifying audience preferences and shaping the channel's content.

3. Community Growth: Dr. Abdullah celebrates reaching 12,000 YouTube subscribers and discusses the importance of community in overcoming challenges in content creation and social media.

4. Future Directions: The conversation explores the evolving focus of the channel, moving beyond strictly economic concepts to include a wider range of topics driven by curiosity and the interests of the community.

5. Personal Insights from Team Members:

   - Grace McConn discusses the transition of content due to the pandemic and the importance of engaging educational methods.

   - Fawaaz Abdulazeez reflects on the sense of community and belonging the channel provides.

   - Antowan Batts highlights the inclusivity and diversity of the content, emphasizing the importance of representation in economics.

6. Challenges and Learning: Dr. Abdullah shares insights on overcoming imposter syndrome, the value of teamwork in content creation, and the personal growth and creative expression he has experienced through the project.

7. Rebranding Considerations: The discussion touches on the potential need to rebrand "Econ with Dr. A" to better reflect its community-driven nature and broadened focus beyond economics.

Conclusion: The episode not only celebrates the journey and successes of "Economics with Dr. A" but also opens up a conversation about the future, inviting the community's input on rebranding and the direction of content. The emphasis on community, diversity, and the pursuit of curiosity underscores the channel's commitment to evolving with its audience.

Listener Engagement: Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts on potential rebranding and what topics they would like to see covered in future episodes, emphasizing the collaborative spirit of the Econ with Dr. A community.

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Economics with Dr. A
Econ with Dr. A
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